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Fey Court

Being such a diverse and widespread species, Fey are difficult to define. As such, they banded together millennia ago to create an alliance, now called the Fey Court. The Court represents their central governemnt, legal system, and social structure but can be both rigid and flexible depending on the context of a situation. There are thousands of years of history behind every official ruling and the intricacies of their behaviour is baffling to outsiders who witness it. Most fey do not allow outsiders to witness their proceedings, and even revealing the existence of the Fey Court is harshly frowned upon.


Most fae are tied to the natural cycle of seasons and it was only natural to mimic that relationship in their governing body. Each season is represented by a Seasonal Court who takes primary leadership during a designated seasonal period. Membership to a Seasonal Court isn't a requirement of all fae and only those active in the courts choose one should their philosophies and concerns align. No one species of fae is associated with a specific Seasonal Court, although it is worth noting that sprites who involve themselves in the courts are universally aligned with the Spring Court.   Winter   Spring   Summer   Autumn
Political, Confederation
Alternative Names
The Court


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