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City of Gems

Standing before you is the ruined city of Medale, one time beacon of hope. Centuries ago an army of goblins sieged the mighty fortress-city and the collapse of such an incredible metropolis has served as a lesson to all humankind - we live together or die alone.
From inception, when dwanar survivors and human settlers agreed to build the city together, there were forces aligned against the settlement. With goblins hunting the dwanar and the human factions still fighting amongst themselves, it was a partnership of necessity rather than some lofty ideal of working together to create an idyllic metropolis where the various races could live in peace. Ironically, the shared hardships of fighting for survival together created something very close to such a utopia - at least for a time.
  The mountain city of Medale stood apart from the other freestanding human cities. Built into the side of a chain of mountains, they mimicked the ancient traditions of great dwanar stonesmiths by excavating huge areas and supporting the ceilings with massive columns and arches, then building more conventional buildings in the open caverns. Only roughly a fifth of the constructed city was open to the air and surrounded by stone walls like none other in the human cities at the time.   During the summit where the Government of Allegri was written, Medale received the honorary moniker 'City of Gems' due to their ability to mine deeply into the mountainside and far underground.


Originally, the city was an geniocracy, run by those with the greatest understanding of the world around them through science and arcana. This came into practice during the original founding of the city when excavation was still dangerous and only individuals with a decent understanding of geology and mechanics could expand their territory. These individuals prospered and evetually became leaders within their communties.   This knowledge was then institutionalized and taught to all children from a young age in formal, structured school programs.


From their highly defensible position, with a literal mountain at their backs, Medale boasted the highest and thickest walls of any major city across the continent, while they lasted. Where they lacked in martial proficiency they made up for in ingenuity and technological advancements that protected the city in surprising ways that most outside forces couldn't predict or overcome, such as;   Write 3-4 military defenses
Write 2-3 arcane defenses
Write 2-3 technological/science-based defenses

3735 NC

Founding Date
89 NC
Alternative Name(s)
City of Dust, Old Medale
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