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Governor Prince

Chief Executive to the Mansa

The primary figurehead and highest ranking official in each Allegran capital is the governor prince. Governors are elected by the registered voting population within a city. Each city has their own laws and policies for deciding who may or may not cast a ballot, hold office, and most other day-to-day operations.
Each city has it's own method of selecting their governor prince. Each capital has specific ways of organizing their elections, how long each term served as governor prince lasts, and who is eligible to vote or run in the election. Most of these processes are left over from before the Allegran Accords, when the cities managed themselves through crisis after crisis. The Mansa occassionally has a hand in the various processes, but often stays distant so as to appear impartial and allow the cities to feel autonomous.


Current Governor: Antarint Stone   Term: Life   Electoral Process:
All registered human residents are eligible to vote from among nominated nobles.  


Current Governor:
Caton Narth   Term: 10 years   Electoral Process:
All registered residents are eligible to vote from among nominated nobles.



Current Governor: Tanalla Mint   Term: 6 years   Electoral Process:
Electoral vote by city counil members.



As is common for all political office across Allegri, someone need only put themselves forward as a candidate and have full-blooded human lineage to be eligible. Unless obviously non-human traits are openly displayed, their heritage is rarely questioned. Some political rivals may attempt to unearth possible non-human lineages to eliminate a contender, but it isn't common practice. To earn the office the nominee must win the election by popular vote.
It is widely assumed that only nobles in good standing with the city are nominated for higher office within the government. This isn't the case, however. Anybody may nominate themselves to the position of governor prince and campaign for the position. Very few, even the poor or common folk are likely to vote for a nominee without wealth or an offical title for many reasons - primarily the concern that an uneducated popper wouldn't be able to fulfill the role properly.


The governor prince is ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of their entire city. They organize and maintain the entire infrastructure of city operations and report directly to the mansa should the need arise. The mansa has final say and ultimate control but generally will not interfere with the mundane goings-on of the cities unless it's urgent or cannot be resolved locally.


All cities have an estate for the sitting governor prince but the exact quality of each is different based on each capital. Etude has a large and luxurious estate with several buildings that function as offices as well as a home for the acting governor and their family. In contrast, Stretto only offers a private personal appartment for the governor to use as their office and is not expected to reside on the premises
Civic, Political
Reports directly to
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