Carta de Logu and Carta de Liga

The Carta de Logu and the Carta de Liga are two documents redacted and undersigned by Eleonora de Arbare' at the end of XIV century. All the legislative body of both Reigns of Onfalu have their foundation in this two documents.

We decide and order: that if someone coming from foreign lands is suspected of a crime against a citizen of Onfalu, that that person will be listened and judged being mindful of their own tradition and customs, as long as they don't go agains the principles of our law.
— Carta de Logu, 1890 update.

Carta de Logu

The youngest of the two by about a decade, this Charter collects and consolidates the principles of the law in the reigns of Onfalu. While the original manuscript is safely kept in the Juigadu's Library in Arborea, the content is periodically revised and updated by the ruling Juighissas and a copy sent digitally to all household of Onfalu. Since its first version, it has been regarded as one of the most advanced corpus legi in regards to equality and environment themes and the protection of children.

Carta de Liga

The oldest of the two documents, and the more secreted, this Charter sets the law in regards to the relationships with the Janas. The original copy is kept in a secret location in Arborea, while copies are accessible by the two Juighissas and the Baldiones de Janas a selected number of people, sworn to work to mantain the peace between the humans and the fairy creatures.
W:legal mentions of death penalty and rape below
We decide and order: that if someone maliciously or for negligence sets fire to a field or woodland and causes the death of person or Jana, that person will be condemned to death by fire.
— Carta de Logu,1400 update
We decide and order: that if someone impose themself with violence on another person or Jana, that they will pay the living expenses of the victim for 15 years and serve 15 further years of prison.
— Carta de Logu,1998 update
We decide and order: that the House of Arbaree' and the Daughters of the Mother will come in aid of each other and prevent in all ways possible that one of their people cause damage to people of the other.
— Eleonora and Myrtha, Carta de Liga

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Here you can have a look at one of the oldest copies remained

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Great concept for a document (or two)! I like that they are the foundation of legislation. :)

3 Jul, 2020 12:04

Thank you! The Carta the Logu is an actual old Constitution of Sardinia (mine is a modernized version of it)and it's very cool. It was one of the first to be written in common language instead of latin, so that everyone could understand their rights and duties. It also has some interesting takes on woman's rights and equal inheritance rights for all children.

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That's really awesome! :D I never knew that