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The Declaration of the Empire of Kyrn

The Declaration of the Empire of Kyrn as written by, and signed by the Grand Council of the Light at the end of the Great Fallen Invasion, documents the establishment of the Empire, the First Emperor, and the basic rules of the Empire. Originally written down on paper as it was being discussed, formalized, and signed, it was eventually transcribed onto a thirty foot tall while marble obelisk that now stands in the center of Quara in what is now called Imperial Park.


This Declaration established the Empire of Kyrnia and made Simimar Kyrn the first Emperor. It also established that Simimar's family would continue the Imperial line with the consent of the Grand Council, and outlined the power and authority that they would have. It also subjected all of the signature organizations to the rule of the Empire.

Document Structure


The Declaration is divided into four sections.¬†   Section 1
The first section outlines the need for a strong central Imperial government and the role of the Grand Council of the Light in selecting the First Emperor, and in deciding any matters regarding replacing the Emperor for whatever reason. While the Imperial line has remained in the Kyrn family since its founding, each Emperor or Empress, has been approved of by the Grand Council, before they can take the throne.   Section 2
The second section of the Declaration, establishes the rules under which the Emperor and his successors must operate.   Section 3
The third section discusses the rights and responsibilities of the various political divisions that join the Empire, including how they will be taxed, how they must provide for the common defense, and what they can expect in return, and how each ruler of these areas has a seat on the Grand Council.   Section 4
The fourth and final clause discusses the common laws that each part of the Empire must follow, including rules for dealing with one another, and how disputes are to be settled.


The second section of the Declaration also describes how a vote for removal from the throne, by the Grand Council can be called for if the rules are not followed, as well as all the rules regarding presenting evidence, and taking the vote.


The Declaration's clauses establish the foundation for the rule of law in Kyrnia, but there are many additional documents that define the laws, the judiciary process, the rights of the nobility, and the commoners, and other edicts and laws as established by each of the rulers throughout the ages.

Publication Status

The original paper document is stored in the Imperial Library of the Palace in Quara. It is not available to anyone except the sitting ruler, and the Grand Council of the Light, however copies of it on paper are available at the library, and copies are provided to all the members of the Grand Council. Within a year of it being enacted, it was decided to transcribe the document onto a more permanent material, and placed in the center of the capital for all to see. Those that wish to see the Declaration can go to Imperial Park and read the words off of the carved obelisk there.

Legal status

This Declaration established the Empire of Kyrnia and is the foundation document for all of Kyrnia's laws.
Signatories (Organizations)


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