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Welcome to Kyrn  

Since the creation of the universe, the forces of good and evil have been battling for supremacy. On Kyrn, the war came to an end 5728 years ago with the defeat of the Fallen. Since then, there have been minor skirmishes, but the Fallen have not regained their strength to challenge the Risen in any significant way. Peace reigns over the lands.

The Empire of Kyrnia was declared in the aftermath of that last Great Incursion of the Fallen, as the Wizard Simimar Kyrn was able to create a race of warriors from the blood of ancient dragons. These Dragonborn serve the Empire and defend it against the Fallen to this day. The Empire remains strong, but there are those that question the leadership of the newest Empress Sorsasta Quiris wondering if she is too young to handle the responsibility after the untimely death of her father.

But out in the far regions of the Empire, the politics of the Capital are irrelevant. Things are happening that make no sense. Dwarven strongholds have emptied out, and the Dwarves that remain do not speak about it. Orc tribes are moving into the empty lands. The humans, in their cities, have forgotten the problems of the past as they focus on the problems of today, but the Elves remember and they have retreated into their woods to stay safe. The chaos that exists in the power vacuums that are created are exactly what allowed the Fallen to invade before...

As in those dark times of the past, bold adventurers find themselves in a position to change the balance and prevent the next incursion.

This world is the backdrop to my 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Information about creating characters and house rules can be found in the Meta-Game topic below.