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Empire of Kyrnia

The Empire of Kyrnia consists of dozens of former kingdoms that have all agreed to an alliance for self-protection and mutual benefit. The alliance is headquartered in Quara, formally a small elven city, that has now grown into the largest city in the Middle Lands.


The Empire has been controlled by the Kyrn family since it's founding in 1 A.E. with the Grand Council of the Light acting as the representatives of the various political divisions within the Empire, but all executive power resides with the Emperor or Empress. Membership on the Grand Council is given to all members of the Empire with the rank of Count or higher, as well as all clergy with the rank of Archbishop or higher. In the absence of a legitimate heir, the Grand Council is empowered to select the next Emperor or Empress, although this has never happened.  


The Empire of Kyrnia was declared in the aftermath of that last Great Incursion of the Fallen, 5,728 years ago with the final defeat of the Fallen army at the Battle of Renvalt. The years leading up to the Battle of Renvalt were disastrous for the people of the Middle Lands. The Fallen, under their general, Xythorak, had swept across the lands for the prior ten years, driving the defeated before them to towards the elven city of Quara. As kingdoms fell and the people fled, the Fallen feasted on the souls of the dead and became stronger, as each consumed soul spawned a fresh demon to join the ranks of the Fallen. Quara, and the lands surrounding it had not yet been invaded due to the strength of the magic that protected the little elven city. The Lord of Quara, Myrdin Urirel, gathered his advisors and began planning for the cities defense, and ultimate defeat. The remnants of the armies trickling in were put to work soring up the walls, and building such defenses as they could, for Lord Urirel, know that the magic of the elves would not keep out the Fallen for long. Several wizards of the city worked on reinforcing the magical defenses, and prepared a series of portals to help the populance flee when the defenses gave in. One wizard, Simimar Kyrn, worked on his own on a magic that had not been done in anyone's memory.   As the Fallen reached the walls of Quara, Simimar's magic finally showed results. Using an ancient magic called forth from one of The Edonnaolfs, Simimar was able to transform the blood of ancient dragons into the warrior race of the Dragonborn. Those first thousand Dragonborn emerged from the ground fully formed and ready for battle. They joined the Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings and other races to drive back the Fallen. Each day after that, Simimar was able to create another thousand warriors, and after 7 days of siege and battle on the walls, the Fallen were driven back. Over the next couple of weeks, Simimar, sent parties out to find more dragon blood so that more of the Dragonborn could be created. Adventuring parties were sent to all known locations of dragons to gather this blood. Some of the blood was donated, soe of the blood was stolen, but most of the blood was harvested after the dragons were killed. With a fresh supply of dragon blood reaching him, Simimar was eventually able to create 25,000 Dragonborn, using the blood of all known dragon types. With the Dragonborn army, combined with the armies of all the other survivors, Simimar was able to drive the Fallen into the Renvalt valley, where they were finally defeated. Some of the Fallen, including the general, Xythorak, escaped through a portal to the Lower Lands.   When the leaders of the Middle Lands assembled in Quara after the Battle of Renvalt, they named themselves the Grand Council of the Light and begin discussing how to prepare for the return of the Fallen. After days of deliberation where no progress was made on how to organize the defenses, Lord Urirel, offered up that since Quara granted refuge, and provided the army of Dragonborn that prevented defeat, that he should be the leader of the new coalition. That was discussed for several days, before finally agreeing that Quara had earned the right to lead, but in a surprise move, the council nominated Simimar Kyrn as the first Emperor of the newly formed Empire. At first, Simimar, was going to refuse, but Lord Urirel talked him into excepting the position.   Several more weeks of discussion happened before most of the parties agreed to the new Empire, and signed The Declaration of the Empire of Kyrn. Some leaders refused, and while they were not forced to join the new alliance they were strongly encouraged. Some of them later did join up, but many did not.

One tower of many stones.

Founding Date
Year 1 AE
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Head of State
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Official State Religion
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories


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