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The Edonnaolfs

When the Fey Lords first came to Kyrn from the Feywild, they brought with them the Edonnaolfs, 12 items of creation given to them by Anno the Light and each tied to one of the Risen.   The Fey Lords used the Edonnaolfs to make many of the things of wonder in Kyrn, and provide them the power that they needed to operate. The Edonnaolfs were used to create flying ships, and undersea cities, to raise towers to the sky, and turn barren land into thick forests and fields of grains. At the direction of Anno, they also used the Edonnaolfs to create other races, such as the dwarves, gnomes, halflings and humans that now populate the lands as well as many of the other creatures that populate the world.   When the Fey Lords withdrew, they returned to the Feywild with the Edonnaolfs. It is rumored that some of them were left behind, and perhaps Simimar Kyrn had discovered and used one in the creation of the Dragonborn, and perhaps Aerune Tigith had access to one as she was creating The Staff of Aerune Tigith, and that it still sits in The Library of Aerune Tigith, but some wonder why she would have had to create her staff if she had access to a Edonnaolf. Many sages believe that the Edonnaolfs were taken back by Anno from the Fey Lords, but some believe that the most powerful of the Fey Lords still have and use them in their own realm.   Most of the original creations were taken with the Fey Lords back to the Feywild when they withdrew from the world but some of the larger creations could not be taken back, and many of the smaller creations were left behind as being too numerous to gather, so they remain. For instance, theĀ Tower of the Fey that serves as the Arcadiumin Quara, and the weapon now called the Sword of Huron are two items that are believed to have been created using the Edonnaolfs, and left here in Kyrn.


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