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This is where poverty lives

"Boulbell? Do you mean that place were all the mud was?" -- Lady Casandra of Erozig
Boulbell is not much more than a collection of impoverished villages that sits between two much wealthier provinces. The Baron of Boulbell treats his people well, but there just is not any economic growth coming from this collection of hovels that passes for a Barony.


The Baron rules over a very small domain, and has a very small council as well. There are several knights spread throughout the barony in small villages, but they do not advise the Baron unless summoned.


The barony is small, and poor. While the land can produce food and feed livestock, their isn't enough produced to support much more than the people who work the fields. The small scattered villages do not have much to share and do not often expect visitors or joy at their doorsteps.

Demography and Population

Villages of Boulbell:   Boulbell

To the End!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Parent Organization


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