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Ysward is the western most Duchy in the Empire of Kyrnia, and as such also the youngest, although it is still two thousand years old. First starting as the Kingdom of Ysward, and eventually folding into the Empire, when the political pressure of the Empire came to bear in increasing excise taxes on the goods flowing out of Ysward.


The Duchess rules the lands sternly, but with good advice from her closest councilors. The council consists of several nobles, and professionals including heads of several of the guilds in Soutliht. She also calls in her vassals several times a year to hear from them what their needs are, and how best to keep the trade flowing and the wealth growing.


While the cities of Soutliht and Mapoint are very urban and wealthy, most of the the other areas in Ysward are more agricultural, with many of them also focused on ranching. The rural farmlands are filled with simple folk trying to live simple lives that are focused on family and hearth, and making enough from their crops to keep them feed, and a little more to sell, or pay for their taxes. The townsfolk are much the same but the focus is more on their trades. In the two large cities, life is about profit. Each interaction is delt with like a transactions where one person gains and another loses, and no one wants to be on the losing end.

Public Agenda

The Dutchy is ver clear on what it's agenda is - sell it's goods to the rest of the world at great profit. From it's far off territories of Zelcel  and Sernas, to the trading capital of Soutliht, the goods must keep flowing, and the coin must keep accumulating.


Ysward is wealthy, perhaps one of the wealthiest in the Empire, certainly the wealthiest that is built on agriculture and ranching. With that wealth they have built great cities, huge fleets of merchant, and naval vessels. From the silver mines of Argate, to the granaries and livestock pens of Brog and Drogol, to the forests of @Crisla, wealth flows into the coffers of the Duchy.

Demography and Population

The people of Ysward are mostly dispersed through out its great grasslands in pursuit of their ranching and farming goals. Clusters of folk gather in the towns and cities to conduct the trade that makes Ysward so wealthy.   Auryvein  Britpeak  Buccoz  Clayarsi  Clearhamber  Eagweldere  Emtimeverc Flarebrook Ghosrun  Grerg  Greymouth  Khalga  Kilhell Mapoint  Mudburn  Mudford  Ponrand  Shroury  Soutliht  Storough  Thornere Whitvault  Whironpass


The Duchy has a significant military, both in terms of the personal soldiers of the Duchess, and the troops that she can call upon from her vassals. Of great significance is the number of mounted soldiers, although not all Knights by any means, many of the towns and villages are able to put their militias on horse wen needed giving the troops greater mobility and speed.   The naval forces are also considerable, and the Duchess can call on several of the merchant guilds to provide additional ships and sailors when needed, although at a cost.


There is a large Temple of the Light in Mapoint, and a slightly smaller one in Soutliht. The high priest in Soutliht is considered the leader of the community in Ysward, but traditionalists, and those near Mapoint think theirs should be the leader.

Agriculture & Industry

Farming and ranching make up the bulk of the activity in Ysward, although there is a huge amount of leather and wool working that goes along with it. Also Soutliht and several other coastal communities are know for their ship building.

Trade & Transport

Trade is the life hub of Ysward. Goods flow from all over the Duchy's territories, from its vassals and it's own lands to the capital where the goods are sold to buyers from all over the world.


The people of Soutliht and Mapoint pride themselves on their education. While there are no public schools for the poor, the wealthy hire tutors for their children, and many of the guilds offer tutors for reading, writing and mathematics for their members, and their members children who will beeventual guild members.

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  • Ysward
Geopolitical, Duchy
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Beef, mutton, lamb, wheat, oats, barley, leather goods, ore and finished metal products, lumber, and ships.
Legislative Body
The Duchy does not have a legislative branch, but all nobles and those that are granted access to petition the Duchess may propose changes they would like to see put in place.
Judicial Body
Like most of the Empire, Ysward grants judicial powers to the Nobility, with each noble being able to try and pass sentences on cases from their territories. In addition, nobles may appoint Magistrates to try cases in their place.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization


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