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Family ties

"Half the county is half-related to half the rest." -- Aerael Silynlilan, Herald of the Principality of Drent
Chur sits along the important Bay of Granrinh trade route and its port of Erozig is one of the important stops for the merchant fleets that travel to Quara. It makes much in taxes and services from the ships that stop.   The Countess Tìrìr Diorin is very wealthy, and she uses her wealth to take care of her extended family and places them in positions of authority around her domain. Many suitors seek her hand, but she has turned all of them away.


Chur is ruled by Countess Tìrìr Diorin and her half-sister, Baroness Ursina Diorin. They are aided by several of their vassals some of which are other family members. The Master of Coin and Trade has also proven himself loyal and insightful, and so is the third most powerful leader of the Barony.


The Churi are mostly merchants and traders. The location of Erozig has made it an important stop on the shipping routes and so the city is filled with people and goods from all over the world. This has made the Churi very cosmopolitan in their style and outlook.

Public Agenda

To increase the importance of the County to merchants and to improve the trade routes through the county.


Wealth; trade goods; ships


The Countess' father, Count Larmar Diorin, was a famed Lothario in the Imperial court, and while he had a wife, he also seduced a number of other women, some of whom gave him additional children. He died in a duel over the affections of one of his mistresses, and left his estate to his legitimate daughter Tìrìr Diorin. When his she found out about all of her half-siblings, she invited them to her court and gave them all lands and titles. Her favorite amondst all her half-siblings is Ursina Diorin, who she knighted, and is her closest ally and advisor.

Demography and Population

Towns of Chur:   Erozig  Swanwall

Tiny but Mighty!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Official State Religion
Parent Organization


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