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Once Madness Reigned; Now Chaos with an Empty Throne...

"The Mad Prince was bad, but wait until the war starts... Then you'll wish for mad Ludwig to return." -- Overheard in a tavern in Irevergaken
Drent is a large principality that is one of the more recent members of the Empire of Kyrnia. Unfortunately, the Principality has suffered recently under its former ruler Prince Ludwig the Mad. For many years, the prince had been showing signs of madness, and his advisors had done their best to mitigate it and keep the principality operating, but as the Prince Ludwig found out about his advisors subverting his commands, he had them tortured and killed. This went on for many years before a group of nobles rose up to confront him, and after several months of civil war defeated him at the battle of Roneywaven. The leaders of the revolt appointed themselves as the Council of Regents and took over the running of the principality, while they searched for an appropriate candidate to take the throne. It has been several years, and while there are several candidates, the Prime Regent of the Council has not yet allowed any of them to stand for a vote.  This is starting to cause unrest, as the candidates start maneuvering for what many see as a second civil war coming.


Mhurren Von Drach is the head of the council of five regents presiding over the principality of Drent, though no one has seen him in the past decade, receiving orders via messengers. The former prince, Ludvig the Mad, was disposed without an heir, so the Council of Regents has run the country until a new prince can be chosen. The council is hoping to find a suitable candidate before the Empire chooses an outsider as the new prince.


The Council of Regents has gathered a large army and navy under its own authority, and is using taxes collected to pay for them, and mercenaries that are loyal to them.  This has left many of the nobility in doubt as to whether the Council is indeed going to choose a new Prince or Princess and restore the throne to royal rule.  To that end, many of the nobles are raising their own armies, and hiring their own mercenaries in preparation for what might be a coming second civil war.


The Temples of Light within the Principality suffered as Prince Ludwig believed they were conspiring against him, by not proclaiming him as one of the Risen. So he cut off state funding, and often had the priests arrested if they refused to recognize his deification. Since the Council of Regents has come to power, the Temples are being restored, and those priests that were still alive were released from the dungeons to resume their duties.

Rule Forevermore!


  • Drent
Geopolitical, Principality
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Legislative Body
The Council of Regents is both the executive and legislative branch of the principality at this point. Once a new Prince or Princess is selected, the Council intends to continue it's role as the legislature, to insure that the new leader does not also fall into madness.
Judicial Body
All the Magistrates appointed under the former Prince are being closely watched to make sure that they obey the law, and not act in such a way to undermine the Council of Regents.  The Council has started appointing its own magistrates to insure that the law is followed for everyone.
Official State Religion
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