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Life in the polar steppes is brutal and often short. If not for the abundant trade in salt, this principality would likely be overlooked as an unexplored frontier.


Frostyearn is a vast tract of nearly uninhabitable polar desert.


The Frostyearn Span

 "The Span" is a series of small forts and one large defensive complex connected either by fingers of the edges of crevasse, ice bridges, or wooden extensions. Seasonally, it is defended by a mixture of standing men-at-arms and tribal groups that migrate through the region. While the fortifications provide for common defense, it is not unheard of that squabbles over the better accommodations can erupt when rival clans are in the area. The main complex is the seat of power in the region and defended by the Prince's standing army.

Trade & Transport

Trade goods often include furs, ivory, gold, quality garnets, and most importantly, salt
Geopolitical, Principality
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations


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