Readying its action

"Scohwich is a pleasant enough place, but I wouldn't want to cross them." -- Baronss Maranna Tirponna of Stilia


The Baron values the advice of his military commanders above all others, so while the normal officials, such as the Master of Coin, and Master of Trade, are all present, it is his field tested captains that are most likely to sway the Baron's decisions.


The Baron places an emphasis on being ready to fight, and this passes down to the local leaders, who are instructed to make sure that they can field a well-trained militia when the time comes to fight. So every able-bodied person is expected to practice drills on a regular basis. The upside to all of this, is there is that after drill time, there is drinking and feasting and merriment.

Public Agenda

To be prepared for battle; To serve the Empress when she calls.


A large, well trained militia. While individuals do not have a lot of arms and armor, each village and town has an armory where weapons, armor, and other equipment are stored between training drills.

Demography and Population


The Baron has ordered that all militia should be trained in the spear, the bow and the short sword or hand axe, so that is what most of the militias and guards carry, as well as padded or leather armor and a wooden shield. The bigger towns have better equipment, and the officers and wealthy members of the militias are of course better equipped as well.

Agriculture & Industry

Scohwich has plenty of great farmland and mining operations in the central hills. it is able to bring in lots of fish as well from its sea ports and river towns.

Trade & Transport

Scohwich benefits a lot from the trade brought along the Great Trade Route. Much of what it does not produce itself, it is able to buy from the caravans.

Joy in Battle!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Official State Religion
Parent Organization


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