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Where the Light Shines on All

"Your looking for strange things? Go to Damargann. If it's strange, it probably came from there." -- Dagpas Speargrey, Innkeeper of the Grey Spear, in Quara
Damargann is a large and prosperous duchy. It stretches from the border with the Horse Clans in the north to the Banary Isles a thousand miles to the south. The duchy is a diverse melting pot of people with humans, elves, halflings, gnomes, and even a few dwarven settlements. Trade, both overland, and by sea, make up a great part of the duchy's revenue. Many ancient sites are located within the duchy, many elven, and many of other origins.


The Duke relies on many advisors, including many of the noble vassals under him, as well as high ranking members of the Children of the Light who are his closest advisors.


Damargann has a diverse population and culture. Once the home of a large elven nation, the Great Fallen Intrusion wiped out many of them and leveled their cities and homes. Since then the lands have been repopulated, but the elven population ahs not grown as quickly as the humans, halflings, and other ethnicities. The diverse population is not only apparent in the large cities, but also in the smaller towns and villages. This mix of races has led to a great melting pot of cultural influences. It is not unusual to find multiple languages spoken in the same home, and food from all the cultures served at the same table.

Public Agenda

The Duke is known for being a fair and just man, and he strives to provide that for all his people, but he is intolerant of anything that veers of the the Path of Light as outlined by the Children of the Light.


The duchy is large and wealthy. Much is collected in taxes as goods pass through it's territories, and make their way to the coffers of the duke. The duchy can pull together large numbers of men at arms and knights from many different locations and sources. It also has a sizable fleet, and can issue letters of marque to many merchant vessels.


The current Duke was the third child of his parents, and not destined for rule, so he was sent to Quara to study and join the Temple.  He had risen to the rank of High Priest, when his father died. He traveled home to Niht for the funeral, but when he arrived he found his two older brothers fighting for the position.  When it looked like civil war wasgoing to break out, Hadramas convinced the elder brothers to settle it between themselves, rather than bring bloodshed and ruin to the whole of the Duchy.  The brothers agreed, and decide to duel for the title., They fought fir several minutes, before the elder brother landed a blow on the younger brothers head, while at the same time, the younger brother's axe found the thigh of his sibling. The younger brother died within minutes, while the older brother lasted a week before passing away from his wounds, thus leaving Hadramas as the rightful heir.  He had to step down from the Temple position that he loved, but he was elevated to Duke the day after his elder brother died.

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  • Damargann
Geopolitical, Duchy
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Judicial Body
While there are many Magistrates to try and decide cases, the Duke has given many of the Knights of the Light the equivalent powers.
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