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Knight of the Light

The title of Knight of the Light is the lowest level of ordained Paladins of the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent. After completing their training, and being ordained into the Lightbringers, this title is conferred.   The Knights of the Light are charged with bringing the Light to the world. The act as protectors of all that the Church of the Light beleives in, and help mainain peace, order and justice everywhere they go. Often the Knights are given the duty of tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice, although they refrain from acting as the judges, instead deferring to the local nobility, or the clerics of the Light to provide judgement.   The common folk recognise the white tabards with the golden sun pattern on the chest, and know that they can rely on the Knights of the LIght to protect them and be honorable in all their actions, while the nobility know that having a Knight of the Light at their holdfast, castle or court lends prestige and honor to them, and a valiant sword that they can call upon.


In order to be considered for ordination into the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent, a candidate must be a member in good standing of the Church of the Light and have the sponsorship of a cleric of the the Church. Usually a candidate must complete a year of training, usually as a squire to an ordained Knight of the Light, but on occasion, the Church has ordained a member who has show exceptional piety, braveness, and loyalty to the Church. At the end of the year of squiring, if the sponsoring knight, and the sponsoring cleric believe the candidate is ready then they will be ordained. If they are not ready, then they may either continue to serve and learn, or they may be released from service.


During the year of service as a squire, the candidate must prove themselves worthy of ordination into the Holy Order, by demonstrating piety, braveness, loyalty, and humility, kindness to others, and a drive to bring justice and peace to the world. A candidate must show prowess with arms, talent for rites and rituals, and wisdom in all situations.


Once a candidate has been approved for ordination, they will be ceremoniously bathed at the Church before their patron deity and then they kneel and petition before each of the Twelve Risen for an hour, praying for guidance to complete their vows. After the 12 hours of prayer are completed, the candidate then takes their vows in public. Once the vows are complete, the Knight Captains of the Light accepts the candidate and places the tabard of the order upon them, then the sponsoring cleric ties the golden belt around their waist. The sponsoring Knight then hands the candidate his weapons. Finally, the newly ordained Knight of the Light receives a blessing from the ranking cleric, and their life as a member of the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent begins.


A Knight of the Light is charged with bringing the Light to the world; protecting the Children of the Light; Finding and eliminating the Dark Ones and the Fallen; Keeping peace and justice wherever they go; Protecting pilgrims, clerics, Churches and other Holy sites and objects; Following the orders of their commanders and honoring their brother and sister Lightbringers.


Knights of the Light must always provide an example for others to strive towards; They must keep their faith strong, their weapons ready, and their minds focused on their tasks.
Shield of a Knight of the Light
Religious, Military
Form of Address
Sir, or Lightbringer.
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The Lightbringers are authorised by the Church of the Light.
Length of Term
Knights of the Light serve for life, or until they are no longer able to fulfill their duties. Elderly members often serve in the monasteries as support for the other Lightbringers.
Reports directly to


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