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Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent

The members of the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent, also known as the Light Bringers, server as the military arm of The Children of the Light. They provide protection to the temples and shrines, and to the clergy when needed.   The Light Bringers also work to root out the evil of the Fallen and destroy all that would dim the Light Resplendent. Often the Paladins of the order will go out on quests to right wrongs, deliver messages, and protect The Children of the Light.   The standard uniform of the the Light Bringers is a white tabard with a golden sun covering the chest and back, tied with a golden yellow cord. Centered on the sun, but smaller, is a small symbol of the Light Bringers personal deity. For example, Anno's symbol is the Sun so in that case a smaller sun would be centered on the larger sun. This is the most common personal deity of the Light Bringers, but all are represented.


The Light Bringers are organized in ranked system. The head of the whole organization holds the rank of Grand Knight Commander of the Light, and is recognized by the Empire of Kyrnia as a Duke or Duchess. The leader of the regional centers hold the rank of Knight Commander of the Light, and they may or may not also hold a title of nobility. Smaller towns are led by Knight Captains of the Light, and villages, or small shrines might only have a Knight of the Light and a squire or two.   Each Knight of the Light is expected to train their squires, and also to train clerics, militias and men at arms in combat skills for service as needed. A military unit lead by a Knight is called a Lance, and is the smallest unit. It consists of the Knight, his squires and as many men-at-arms that the Knight can muster.   Small towns will have several Lances, and generally have standing units of men-at-arms. Larger towns and cities can have dozens of Lances, and men-at-arms that may rival the cities own guards.


Each morning at sunrise, the Lightbringers repeat their pledge, first given by their founder Huron Half-elf, "This day I pledge to my Lord and Protector, Anno the Light, that I shall remain vigilante against the return of the Fallen."

Public Agenda

  • To defend the Church of the Light.
  • To defeat the Fallen.
  • To protect and guide those that follow the Lighted Path.


Each Chapter House of the Light Bringers is owned fully by the order, but is technically under the control of the local church, although that is rarely enforced. The Light Bringers live a poor and monastic life, but they do make money from donations, and from charging for certain services that they provide, such as guarding and banking.


The original Light Bringers formed from the temple guards of the Shrine of Palis, god of Justice in the town of @Caerley[location]. The started out as the Paladins which transalated as Servants of Palis. Since then the Holy Order has expanded to all of the Children of the Light temples, but they still on occasion use the name Paladin.

Tenets of Faith

The Oath that all Light Bringers take, before taking their private Oaths are as follows:   This Oath emphasizes the principles of good. Its four central principles are simple.   Kindle the Light. Through your acts of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, bring the light of hope to the world, beating back despair.   Shelter the Light. Where there is good, beauty, love, and laughter in the world, stand against the wickedness that would swallow it. Where light flourishes, stand against the darkness that would destroy it.   Preserve Your Own Light. Delight in song and laughter, in beauty and art. If you allow the light to die in your own heart, you can’t preserve it in the world.   Be the Light. Be a glorious beacon for all who live. Let the light be your joy and courage to shine forth in all your deeds.


The Lightbringer's Prayer
May the Lord of Light shine upon me.
May he guide my on the Path
And keep me from the Dark.
May I be a mirror, reflecting the Light
to those around me, so that they
may walk the Path of Light with me.
Together may we bring those
who have lost their way back to the Path,
and Banish the Darkness forever.

Light the Way!

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