The Acolytes of the Axe

The Acolytes of the Axe are a holy order dedicated to Vikar, god of War. Loosely linked with the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent, the Acolytes are more interested in fighting than the Lightbringers, and are notably associated more with dwarves than with any other race.


The Acolytes of the Axe are few in number theses days in the Khaziram Mountains. Most of them have gone missing as related in stories of The Missing Dwarves of the Khaziram Mountians. But the few of them that remain in the mountains led quiet lives, helping secure their clans strongholds against the threats that are found in the mountains these days. Currently, the leader is Bheldrak Corthen who lives in Nirnlodir.


The Acolytes take very seriously their oaths to protect their clans from all foes. Always in the front of the line when battle begins, and the last to leave the field when it is over. The Acolytes are deadly foes, but are very willing to show mercy to those they have vanquished. An Acolyte pledges to love nothing more than battle, to sleep only with his or her weapons, and to defeat enemies, or ascend to Vikar while trying.


The Acolytes of the Axe was founded 1244 by Gremren Darkbraid. Gremren was a member of the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent but he believed that the Lightbringers were too human and elven focused and that was cuasing problems for he

War Brings Peace

Founding Date
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Axe Brothers
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