The Circle of the Riverwood Grove

While most of the people of Nedev, and especially the surrounding farmlands, know that there are druids amongst them, few know much about their business. Druids are considered the blacksheep of the Children of the Light, not becuase Rabab, god of Nature is different, or seperate, from any of the other Risen, but the Druids general keep themselves seperate from other clergy. The Druids of the Circle of the riverwod Grove are no different.   While the shrine in at the Temple of Light in Nedev to Rabab is tended, as are all the other shrines, by young acolytes, the actual worship services performed by the Circle occur out in the woods and are only attended by those who are members of the Circle. This privacy makes the group mysterious and thus something that is not talked about by most people. The farmers and those who need the blessings of nature for their livelihood know how to contact the Circle, and pass messages to them, but most of the townsfolk do not.


The Circle of the Riverwood Grove is lead by the Druid known only as The Moonlit Owl. Very little is known about the organizational structure, but it is rumored to consist of a council of powerful Druids, who each take one aprentice during their life to train as their replacement. It is unclear as to how many actual Druids exist in this Circle, but the Circle includes many who support nad follow the leadership of the council, and the Moonlit Owl.

Public Agenda

While the Circle keeps its true agenda private, it has worked hard to preserve the natural elements of the area around Nedev, and to help those who try to work with nature such as farmers and foresters.
Druidic Circle
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