Huron Half-elf

The First Lightbringer Huron Arilni (a.k.a. Half-elf)

Early Life

Born to a small poor family in Rowroth in the village of Gothmour. Her father was elven and her mother human. Worked at father's shop making and repairing carts and wagons. Mother was very religious and the family went to temple every week. When the time came for Huron to participate in the Nostarë Olinwa, she choose to join the guard.

On the day of the ceremony, unbeknownst to her village, the Great Fallen Incursion began.

It took several weeks before word of the Incursion reached the village. Huron had little training, but efforts were doubled as the extent of the troubles became clear. Within a few weeks of finding out about the Fallen Incursion, the village was evacuated as the Fallen approached. She saw most of her friends and family perish as the Fallen chased and attacked them over the next month.

The Call and Response

As her village fled away from the Fallen and towards where they hoped to find sanctuary, in one night time raid, as she and her parents sat around their small cooking fire, one of the fallen burst from the ground and swallowed her father whole. Huron screamed for her mother to run, as she drew her weapons and attacked the monstrosity. Across the meadow the village had stopped to rest in, other fallen burst from the ground, or came running out of the dark. When others came to her aid, she took a second to look around for her mother, and as she did she saw her mother run through with a spear covered in dark flames.

When she was able to reach her mother, her mother's last words were "pray that Anno brings us the Light". Huron looked to the dark sky and swore to Anno that she would be his servant against the Fallen, if he would only give her the means. At that instant, a bolt of lightning crashed through the sky and struck the ground next to Huron. When Huron's eyes cleared a sword, which would become known as the Sword of Huron was at her feet.

A Hero's Tasks

As Huron picked up her new weapon, she could feel the power of Anno the Light flow through it and into her. She rose with a grim determination and the feeling of endless power. As she strode towards the nearest Fallen, she could sense that all of the Fallen had now turned their attention towards her. She dispatched the first of the Fallen before the demon could even react. With in a few minutes half the Fallen were dead, and the other half were fleeing.

Huron gathered the remainder of her fellow villagers and led them to safety over the coming weeks. Each time that they encountered the Fallen, they were quickly dispatched by Huron and her sword, and by those that came to stand beside her. Several weeks after fleeing their village, they finally felt safe.

After weeks of fleeing before the Fallen, the Fallen were now fleeing before Huron. Huron was able to lead her fellow villagers to Quara were the peoples from all over the Middle Lands had been pushed to by the war. Huron, and the others who could fight joined the forces that were set against the Fallen to protect the last stronghold of the followers of the Light. Many of the leaders who had gathered counselled defense and building stronger fortifications against the tide of evil that was heading their way. Not sure what she, and the elf guards could contribute to that, she lead them out of the city, and towards the coming waves of demons.

For several months, Huron was able to find, attack, and kill each leader of the Fallen hordes as they approached. A divine guidance had come over her, and she lead her small team against the demons without losing a single guard. The Blessings of Anno covered all who took the same oath to Anno, that Huron had did months earlier. This small team caused confusion and disruption amongst the Fallen, as each leader died and the army stopped moving until a new leader was chosen, only to die a few days later under Huron's Sword. This delaying tactic bought the people back in Quara enough time to fortify, and for Simimar Kyrn to complete his feat of creating the Dragonborn, and raising an army to take on the Fallen. As the Fallen eventually got to the plain before Quara, and army of twenty-five thousand Dragonborn awaited them. With the aid of the Dragonborn, and her divine gifts, Huron was able to bring about the destruction of the Fallen army, and chased the survivors for three years, until every last one of them was eliminated.

The Founding of the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent

After the war was over, and the Fallen had been either slain, or driven into hiding, Huron returned to Quara to answer a summons from the Emperor. Emperor Simimar Kyrn, now had an army of Dragonborn warriors to help protect the realm, but he wanted more, he wanted a order of knights dedicated to hunting down and destroying the Fallen and other enemies of the Light. He appointed Huron to be the First Lightbringer, and made her the first Grand Knight Commander of the Light, an honor she was not looking for, but accepted as she agreed with the Emperor that the need for such a force was great. Huron spent the next few years recruiting and building the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent. Now this order of paladins is the largest military force outside of the Empire's Dragonborn army in Kyrn, with monasteries located in most large towns and cities through the Empire.

The Final Journey

There is no record of Huron's passing. She was last seen leaving Quara on what she told people was a personal journey. A shepherd told a search party that went looking for her, that she had stopped at his camp on Mount Karazalin for the night and seemed to be in a good mood. When she broke camp in the morning, she gave him a gold coin, and headed towards the peak of the mountain. Later that day, the shepherd saw a single flash of lightening strike the peak, and a boom of thunder, in the middle of a bright clear day.

Date of Birth
11th day of Zollatide, -23 BE
23 BE 7 AE 30 years old
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