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Rebuilding with a new leader

"The new baron? He talks a lot, but I ain't feeling any extra weight in my coin purse yet." -- Bramor the carpenter
Chilowia is a small rural barony tucked into the grasslands to on the eastern side of the Taradol Mountians in the Empire of Kyrnia. The Baron is newly installed, after the former Baron died without any offspring. For awhile the seat was empty, but recently the Empress Sorsasta Quiris named one of the knights who guarded her as a child to the post, Sir Gafalas. The people of Chilowia are hopeful that the new lord, and his family can bring prosperity back to this land.


Newly arrived in Chilowia, Baron Gafalas is relying on the advice and aide of several of the towns prominent merchants and guildmasters as he assesses what the town needs and how to accomplish that. He knows the outer villages need assistance and leadership as well, but he is hoping they can hold off until he gets things organized in Ghothalde.


The barony is made up of lots of small villages that are clusters of farms spread through the fields and forests.  The people live simple lives, but are looking forward to a new prosperity.

Public Agenda

To serve the Empire; To develop the towns and villages and bring prosperity to them all.

Demography and Population

Towns of Chilowia:   Ghothalde


The new baron brought ten guards with him, and when he arrived he found a few dozen guards in Ghothalde. Some of the people in the villages have some training with short bows, but there is no organized militia that can be called upon.

Protect at all costs!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Judicial Body
Currently there are only two Magistrates in the barony. One in Ghothalde, and one that travels, stopping into each village every couple of months.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization


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