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A quiet place

"Cloudfair? I can't think of any reason one would want to go there. Well, maybe one... If you are really interested in watching mud dry." -- Raihisa, Lead performer of the Furnigal Circus, and former mistress of the Baron of Cloudfair.
Cloudfair is a quiet little corner of the Empire of Kyrnia, and it likes to stay that way. While it could have significant economic improvement if it wanted, due to the Great Trade Route passing through its northwest territory, Cloudfair is content to let the world pass it by so that they can remain quiet and unassuming.


The Baroness has several lords as close advisors including the leaders of the towns in her lands. Her father, who abdicated the title to her after he was injured falling off his horse during a hunt, also advises her privately.


Cloudfairi are simple people, they work their lands, and forests, and enjoy quiet times with their families, and the occasional larger gatherings during the holidays. The Cloudfairi take pride in doing everything they can themselves, from making their own tools, to building their homes, to cooking their own food, and brewing their own ales. They look down on people who can't do things themselves.

Demography and Population


There are small groups of guards and soldiers in each of the towns, with Ghoskeeple having the largest and best trained men. If needed the baroness could call for a militia, but it is unlikely that she would be able to raise more than a thousand or so, and half of them likely untrained farmers.

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