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Land of the Forlorn

"My advice, pass through Stilia as quickly as you can." -- Robran, Captain of the Caravanesi Guards of Ogmund Axer, the silk merchant.
Stilia for all it's closeness to the capital, Quara seems a world apart. The land often suffers from drought, and the people go hungry. Its leader, Baroness Maranna Tirponna seems out of touch with what goes on in the far corners of her lands, and is more interested in what trade goes through her town, and how she can tax it. People in Cloudhamer seem happy enough, but those in the outlying towns and villages seem no more than slaves some of the time.


The Baroness has a small number of trusted advisors helping her run her lands. She is very hands off with her vassals, and as long as they produce what is promised to her, she lets them run their lands as they see fit. In some cases, this has led to complaints and uprisings which upset the Baroness as that means the coins are not flowing to her coffers as expected.


Stilia is a bleak place. People here are just trying to get by and pay their ever increasing taxes without getting punished.  The capital of Cloudhamer is much better off, and so the people there have less to complain about.

Public Agenda

To keep the taxes flowing to the baroness.

Demography and Population

Sacrifice for Greater Good!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Judicial Body
The Magistrates of Stilia are concerned with keeping the revenue flowing into the coffers of the Baroness. To that end they will often overlook the misdeeds of the landowners, if those misdeeds keep the coin flowing. However, they will also fine the land owners heavily, if they are impeding that flow of money.
Parent Organization


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