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Spears and Honor

"I am not sure when the next war will be, but I know Vidaosdia will be ready for it." -- Baroness Arenpadmir the Bold 


Vidaosdia is run in a very militaristic manner, with several generals holding the key posts on the Baroness' small council. Rank in the armies and navies is more important here than landed titles, and this maks the Baroness' job of running the barony very easy, for she knows her orders will be obeyed.


Vidaosdia is heavily militaristic. All citizens must serve two years of active duty before the age of 25, although they are allowed to decide when they become active. But training in the militias starts at 12 years old and continues until the person is to old or injured to handle a spear. Each village is assigned a role in the military, most of them are assigned as spearmen, but there are bowmen, skirmishers, and calvary units as well. Each person knows their place and knows their duty. To fail in ones duty is an almost unforgivable sin, and ones word is their bond.

Public Agenda

To be prepared for war; To be the first to answer the call to battle.


The entire country can turn out for war, or at least support it in some way. The naval forces in Nubil are second to only the ships that the Banary Isles can muster, although the discipline is much better.


The land that makes up Vidaosdia was granted to General Vidaos at the end of the Great Fallen Incursion as a reward for service in that war. The general, and many of his troops settled the land and built the farms, villages and cities, and their descendants still live here.

Demography and Population

Towns of Vidaosdia:   Nulbil Harderu

Death before Dishonor!

Geopolitical, Barony
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Legislative Body
Laws and regulations are handed down from the Baroness, and the small council and they follow a strict military code of conduct and honor system.
Judicial Body
Rather than have magistrates, Vidaosdia, allows each person of rank Captain or higher to rule on non-capital offenses, and generals may rule on capital cases.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization


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