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The Land the Light Lost

"If there is a way for the living to get to the Lower Lands, the gate is in Ignirath" -- Agurkodain mak Udogar from his "Tales of my Ancestors"
Ignirath sits on the eastern edge of the Khaziram Mountains, as a bleak and devastated reminder of the threat of the Fallen. What once was a large and thriving kingdom of dwarves is now of landscape of lava flows, burnt twisted trees and the crumbling ruins of an age long past.   With no significant agriculture, and limited flocks of mountain goats, and sheep, the County imports most of it's needs from other places, in particular, Mucro, in Crisla.   The mountainous regions of the County are covered in lava flows, some still active, causing the landscape to be covered in clouds and the land in ash most of the time. This is no place for raising crops, or families, so most of the population is part of the military or clerical structure put in place to defend the Empire.


The Countess is also a High Priestess of Anno, and commands not only 5,000 dragonborn, but also can call in other assets like the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent who also have a large contingent. The organization remains militaristic in nature and all authority comes from the Countess.


The town of Shield, is basically a fortified military camp, where soldiers train, eat and sleep. In the evening there, is some recreation with card or dice games, or the occasional wrestling match. But discipline is tight, and the Lightbringers are not easily led astray from their sacred duties. The dragonborn are a little more relaxed, but they too know why they are here, and what might happen if they let their guard down. Visitors are very rare, aside from the merchants that supply the barony with it's needs, and they are watched closely to insure that there is no disruption to the purpose of protecting the Empire.   There are lots of rumors and stories told about the destruction of the dwarven kingdom, and the subsequent control by the Children of the Light. Some people think that the Fallen still wander the ash covered landscape, sneaking by the defenders every now and then to wander the Middle Lands causing havoc and chaos. Others believe that the whole tale of the Fallen invading is just something to frighten people into listening to the Church. And some, believe that there is still mountains of gems to be found if they can just get in and out without being caught, and that is the real reason the Empire has it's large military presence there, to protect it's own mining operations.

Public Agenda

To prevent the Fallen from returning to the Middle Lands.


When the Great Incursion of the Fallen happened 5,700 years ago, it started in Ignirath. Before the rest of the world new what was happening, the Dwarven Kingdom of Ignirath went up in flames and tens of thousands of dwarves lost their lives. By the time the war was over, Ignirath was in ruins. The Fallen occupied the land for a hundred years before they were finally driven out of the Middle Lands. When dwarves arrived from other kingdoms, they decided that there was too much for them to do, and they returned to their homes. Ignirath was taken under the Empire, by Imperial decree since there was no one available to swear fealty. To insure that the Fallen did not return, the land was placed under the control of the Children of the Light and an elven cleric of Anno, was given the rank of Baron and given complete authority to prevent any further incursions. To do so the Baron was also given 20,000 dragonborn to scour the mountains in search of any signs of the Fallen. Over the years as the threat has faded from most people minds, but the Children of the Light still control the land, and still have a several regiments of dragonborn at their command.

Demography and Population

The clerics and Lightbringers in Shield are a diverse group, but most of the population consists of the 15,000 dragonborn troops assigned to the Barony.


There are two thousand Lightbringers stationed at the only town, Shield. As well as 15,000 dragonborn that are spread throughout the Barony, with the most (5,000) stationed at Shield. The rest are either on patrol from one outpost to another, or off into the wilderness, or down into old dwarven ruins on scouting expeditions. Both groups are well trained, and have support of clerics and mages in their ranks.

Agriculture & Industry


Never Again!


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