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Atsixia sits in the central region of Empire of Kyrnia. It is a wild, untamed, and mountainous land and the home of the Dragonborn. Not much is known about its formation, but many myths and legends speak of the once vast and glorious wheyrs, the magnificent homes of the ancestral dragons.   It has been long since any dragons were seen in Atsixia, but those ancient tunnels and caverns have become the clutching place of the modern Dragonborn.   Atsixia is divided into ten smaller areas, one for each of the great Draconic lineages.   All Dragonborn eventually leave Atsixia, to serve the Empire, returning here when their service is completed. They are well prepared for these lives of service and adventure as the raw, elemental lands of their birth, shape and develop Dragonborn hatchlings into doggedly fierce and intelligent survivors.


The Dragonborn, created as a military force, continue to use a feudal military structure. The Duke of Atsixia is the commander of the Dragonborne armed forces, and reports directly to Sorsasta Quiris, Empress of Kyrnia. under the Duke is a Count or Countess who commands the wheyr of their color type. The Count or Countess then has Barons and Baronesses commanding the


Every Dragonborn serves the Empire of Kyrnia in one form or another. Most serve as soldiers, and all Dragonborn are expected to be able to fight at a moments notice.  The actual military units are mostly heavy infantry, with some supporting skirmishers, and archers. Units typically consist of 20 individuals which includes a Knight as the commander called a "Lance". These units then group into units of 5 "Lances", called a "Hundred Sword" under the command of a Knight-Captain, or a Baron with several additional support staff added. A unit of 5 "Hundred Swords" is called a "Dragonelle" commanded by a Count, and the whole army is called the "Breath of the Risen" and is commanded by the Duke.

Agriculture & Industry

Atsixia is not known for being a agricultural center. The land is poor and rocky and very few crops grow here. There are hardy shrubs and grasses that the herds of mountain goats and sheep feed upon. What Atsixia lacks in agriculture, they do make up for in mining and smithing. The mountains of this land are full of iron and copper, as well as gemstones. The gems mined are not of the greatest quality, but there are plenty of them and the sale of them to the rest of the Empire keeps the wheyrs well supplied with the goods they need to import. The iron and copper are turned into weapons and armor for the Dragonborne forces, with a significant portion being provided to other forces under the control of the Empire.

Trade & Transport

Not too many merchants travel the harsh and desolate lands of Atsixia, but those that do often do very well for themselves, although trading in Atsixia is heavy regulated by the Empire to protect the home of the Dragonborn and the value of the gems and ore that can be found there.


Dragonborn education in Atsixia is focused on serving the empire. Every Dragonborn is required to undergo weapons training from as soon as they are able to walk and carry a spear. Alongside this training, the youth are taught how to be self-sufficient and live off the land. Those with special aptitudes are often brought to Quara to undergo additional training to serve the Empress.


Atsixia has many well-trod roads through out it's lands, and they are in good repair. However there is little infrastructure to support non-Dragonborn. The wheyrs are off-limits to all but a few outsiders, and there are no inns of taverns for visitors to stop at. merchants that do come to Atsixia tell tales of their caravans being forced to set up inside of animal pens, and not being allowed to wander alone without an escort. The wheyrs look like large open caves that go deep into the earth, but there are many smaller caves scattered about the valleys near these larger entrances, but it is unknown if the smaller caves connect to the bigger ones.

We Serve the Empire!

Founding Date
4/6/3 AE
Geopolitical, Duchy
Alternative Names
Land of Dragons
Leader Title
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Iron and Copper Ore, and precious and semi-precious uncut gem stones.
Major Imports
The Dragonborn are used to living in harsh conditions, and do not have a taste for luxuries. They do import things that they can not grow or make themselves, wines, ales and meads cheif amongst them as well as cloth, medicines, wood and wood products.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Official Languages

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