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Horse Clans

The Horse Clans are a group of nomadic barbarians that roam the hills and grasslands of the land just north of the western half of the Empire of Kyrnia. The Horse Clans are not united, but each clan has a Khan that dreams of one day uniting all the clans and riding south to reclaim the lands that the Empire drove them from. For now, the clans seem satisfied with limited raids on the border towns and farms to steal supplies and take slaves, and the Empire, while protecting their people, also do not want to provoke the clans with an all out invasion, as that would surely lead to the clans unifying and attacking in mass.


The Horse Clans are made up of hundreds of small clans of Horkan who live a nomadic existence across the grasslands north of the Empire of Kyrnia. Each clan has a leader called the Khan, who is assisted by his closest allies in the clan, which are called his "Ax", or brothers. Each clan typically also has a wise man or woman to read the signs and perform the rituals, called the Shidten.   On very rare occasions, a Khan might rise to command the loyalty of several clans, and might gain the title of Khan of Khans. As more and more clans join together under this person, the rest of the world trembles as being able to assemble such a large group of warriors is a threat to every nation.


The Horkani are a proud, and very respectful of each others place within their society. The expect others to be respectful, and take it poorly when any of their traditions, rituals, or customs are ridiculed or abused, although they have an understanding that new comers will not know these things right away, they expect the new comers to be told once, and then not have to be told again.

Public Agenda

To live free; To grow their herds and their clans; And to take back what was taken from them.

Demography and Population

Each clan consists of anywhere from a few dozen to several thousand members. With hundreds of clans spreads through the grasslands it is difficult to say how many Horkani there are in total, but some estimate more than a million.


Each clan can assemble almost 70% of it's population as warriors in a moments notice. Both men and woman server as raiders and soldiers from the age of 12 on until they are too weak to carry a weapon into battle.   Typically a Horkani warrior is equipped with a scimitar or a short sword, a short bow and 20 arrows, and a dagger. About half the warriors also have spear, while the other half might have a lance for use during a charge. They usually have studded leather armor, a helm and shield that can be slung over their backs. The leaders, and those that have been very successful at raids may have additional, or better equipment available.


The Horkani worship their aspect of Rabab as their primary deity, and because of this they are seen as heretics by the Children of the Light for not recognizing Anno the Light as the supreme Risen.

Foreign Relations

The Horse Clans are almost universally feared and hated for their raids, but they have been able to for some peaceful trade deals with some of the border towns, and with some of the desert nomads to the north, and those in Zelcel.

Agriculture & Industry

The Horkani do not grow food, they live a nomadic lifestyle, an forage for plants and hunt for game. They do have extensive herds of horses, as well as some other livestock that they drive along on their migrations across the grasslands.

Trade & Transport

The Horkani raid for most of the things that they do not have themselves, but in some circumstances they do trade for things.  They are especially interested in weapons and armor, and so trade a lot of horses to Zelcel in exchange for scimitars and other things they can not make.

Free as the Wind

Geopolitical, Tribe
Leader Title
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
Major Imports
Weapons, armor, metal goods.
Judicial Body
Each Khan is sole judge and jury of all matters within his clan. For matters between two clans, the issue is usually resolved through bloodshed. Depending on the size of the matter it might be a two-person knife fight, or it could be all out war with the opposing clan.
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