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Sylint Forest

The Sylint Forest, often just referred to as the Sylint, is the home to a society of wood elves. They are lead by Glynfaren , Lord of the Wood Elves, who is advised by a council of Druids, and the elders of each of the clans or villages found in the Sylint.   Until recently, the Sylint was part of the barony of Westvale, but with the The Fall of Baystead, the wood elves have declared their independence form Westvale, although they still wish to remain part of the Empire of Kyrnia, and negotiations are underway as to how the Sylint will be recognized.  some in the Sylint are pushing for a full return to pre-Empire status, where the Sylint would be recognized as a principality, but it is much more likely they will be recognized as a barony.
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