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The elven village of Rauen is famous for its bowyers.   The longbows and short bows, as well as the arrows made by the craftsmen and women of Rauen are works of art in and of themselves. Using different types of wood, laminated together and carved in intricate detail produce not only deadly weapons beyond compare, but works of art worthy of the most high.


302 Elves
8 Gnomes
10 Halflings


Like most villages of hte Sylint Forest there is an Elder who is advised by a council. The council usually consists of a mage, a druid, the captain of the guard, and a merchant.

Industry & Trade

Rauen is known far and wide for its elven bows. While they specialize in elven long bows, they also produce high quality short bows for use on horseback. There are several bowyers in the village, and each is as talented as the next. To be apprenticed to one of these master craftsmen is a high honor and many elves compete at [Name day] to get these prestigious mentorships.   With fine woods from the Sylint, and time-honored techniques, and perhaps a bit of elven magic, each bowyer can produce a number of different styles and custom work is of course available.


There is not a lot of tourism, but the finest archers of the land often travel here to place custom orders and watch as the craftsmen and women create what will surely be the purchaser's prized possession for many years to come and a quality heirloom to pass down to future generations.


Unlike most elven villages of the Sylint, due to the fame of their bowyers, the settlement has become mostly permanent. The tree-houses are finely crafted of wood and look very natural in their setting. Several of the buildings on the ground are designed for the Gnomes and Halflings that have also settled here, while there are several other buildings on the ground for shops, inns and taverns for those merchants, traders, and archers that come to the village.
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