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The Fall of Baystead

For years, Tieflings have been oppressed and often hunted and killed for the circumstances of their birth. While it is true that they have the blood of the fallen coursing through their bodies, not all of them are destined to duplicate their ancestors evil acts of destruction and murderous rampages. Given the chance it is likely that they would be peaceful and productive members of the Empire. But their existence has been denounced by the Children of the Light, and the Holy Order of the Bringers and Protectors of the Light Resplendent have sworn to find and eliminate them as a threat to the peace.   One group of Tieflings has formed in the western Empire, in the Khaziram Mountains. Having been driven here from all over the Empire of Kyrnia and other parts of the world, they have gathered in a small community that they call Haven in order to live out their lives in peace, away from those that threaten them. But several years ago, a Tiefling named Persiphis came to be the leader of Haven, and she created a group dedicated to overthrowing their oppressors, the Shadow of Horns, in particular the Baron of Westvale, who she claims killed her parents when she was a little girl and held her prisoner until she was old enough to be raped by the Baron and his men. She was able to escape, and pledged to one day repay the Baron for his actions.   Persiphis has been able to strike bargain with a war-band of Hobgoblins, and together they launched an assault on the Barony of Westvale. They made a plan with an Orc war chief to attack the city from two sides, First the orcs would attack from the south, cutting off any possible reinforcements from the wood elves of the Sylint Forest, then the Hobgoblins and the Tieflings would attack from the north. They were able to attack the city with only a few days warning, and were able to surround it and lay siege to it. Persiphis called for the city to surrender or be destroyed. When the Baron refused to surrender, the combined forces of of the Tieflings, hobgoblins and orcs attacked and were able to breach the walls in several places.   Once it was clear they would overcome the city’s defenses, the Baron ordered as many people as possible to flee by boat while his few remaining troops held off the invaders as long as possible. The city of Baystead, and most of Westvale now lies under the Tieflings control, and Hobgoblins impose their will on the population that was not able to flee. No word on what has happened to the Baron or his family has gotten out.
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