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New World Treaty

The Declaration of Recognition, Free Movement and non-Interference or New World Treaty, is a diplomatic agreement between the Doujatar Kingdom, the Cajenian League, many Free Lands cities, the Undead Cities and the Cosmos Wayfarers. It regulates the relationship between the latter and the other signatories. The Orkozar Edro Šizu, Arkadhian New Empire was also invited to sign it, but refused.   The two names were proposed one by the Moon Church and Doujate Kingdom, lovers of long names, the other by the Wayfarers. In the end, the formal name is New World Treaty of Recognition, Free Movement and non-Interference.   From its signature in 1896, it allowed an efficient, centralised fight against the Abyss, coordinated by the Wayfarers, now free of roaming in Nys and asking for help. It helped in repelling dangerous demons from the Free Lands and in starting scouting the Dark Lands.   Cosmos Wayfarers are mighty mages who can live much more than regular people, thus becoming also much more powerful. Their headquarters are in an inn at the boundary between worlds. Who wants to become a Wayfarer must reach the inn, but many die in the attempt.


The document has three purposes:
  • to recognise the existence of Cosmos Wayfarers as worlds travellers, not belonging to any signatories political organization, devoted in the fight against the Abyss;
  • to allow their researches within the boundaries of the signers;
  • to limit the interference they can have on national political matters.
In particular, by this agreement, the Wayfarers have the right to reclaim any artefact found in the territories of signatories after the signing date.

Historical Details


The fight against the Abyss has always been a central point in the political agenda of Doujatar Kingdom, but, alone, its forces were not enough. They already knew of the presence of the mysterious Cosmos Wayfarers, an organised group travelling between worlds, looking for ways to defeat the Abyss, but the Church did not trust them, fearing they could subtract ancient magical artefacts saying they were meant for the fight.   However, during the nineteen century, a crisis occurred, with many dangerous demons spawning everywhere both in Doujate and in other regions and the Kingdom was forced in a cautious defensive stance. Seizing the opportunity, the Wayfarers proposed the treaty and many organizations were invited to sign it, to give them the possibility of defending the cosmic order.   Almost all of them signed the declaration, with the notable exception of the Empire, and the Wayfarers were tasked with the "sacred duty of defeating the Abyss", as the Moon Church stated.  

Reasons for Signing

Different countries and organizations had a wildly different reason to sign or not.   The Sun-Desert Kingdom signed the treaty out of need: they were unprepared to the fight, being mostly a pacific kingdom, and their defences were overwhelmed by demonic creatures spawned all over the desert.   The Cajenian League signed because the Empire did not and because they wanted to make the other signatories known their traffics were safe.   Many Free Land cities accepted the treaty since they had no mages, hence no interest in possessing dangerous ancient artefacts, and they wanted protection by someone different from the Moon Church. Other cities, initially wary, joined in the following years.   The Doujatar Kingdom accepted the terms, though with reluctance, because it needed help. Still in our days, periodically, the Kingdom asks to rewrite the part of the treaty about the artefacts withdrawal, since they have mages and priestess who can analyse and contain dangerous objects of Abyssal origins, but the Wayfarers are inflexible. On the other hand, the Kingdom can't withdraw from the treaty, since, in case of a major conflict, it would then be expensive to obtain the Wayfarers help again.   The Undead Cities were a controversial figure. They were (and are) a civilised union of a large town in the snowy region north to Doujate and wanted to sign, mostly to show they were on the same side as anyone else in Nys. However, Doujatar Kingdom waged war in the past (and would have again in the future), since the Moon Church considered undead as demonic abominations and this move decreased their credibility. The Wayfarers did not hesitate and welcomed their envoys at the table without any problem: there had already been undead wayfarers and they had always had fruitful relationships with the Undead Cities.   Finally, the Orkozar Edro Šizu, Arkadhian New Empire. They refused to sign: they did not want to surrender their artefacts to some foreign mages arrogating the right of making their what was others. The Empire accused the Wayfarers of offering nothing, considered their exiguous number, in exchange for invaluable objects. After leaving the negotiations, the Emperor decreed Wayfarers outlaw in the imperial territory.


The declaration changed the balance of powers and diplomatic relationships in many countries.   It reinforced trades between most signing parts, helped to shape a common future and a joint effort of looking for a way to defeat the Abyss. It had also the effect of isolating the Empire in the political scene and marking it as a solitary dangerous power who want nobody to meddle or even enter their territories. Initially, it pacified and relaxed relationships between Doujatar Kingdom and Undead Cities, but then a misunderstanding lead to another war between the two.   Now Cosmos Wayfarers are trying to propose a new document, to transform the signing countries into a united alliance. The main obstacle to this goal is the presence of the Undead Cities.
Treaty, Diplomatic
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