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Nys The Old Kanva

Third Era 2096-13-4

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Nys in a Nutshell

Nys is an ancient world, divided into many different areas, from the Wastelands in the west to the archipelago and the Uncharted Seas in the east.   Many political entities concur to expand their influence over the land: the New Empire of Arkadhe, a technologically advanced nation; the Sanctuary of the Moon, protected by its Goddess and mages; the Undead cities, led by the Archlich; the Cajenian merchant league; the Empire of the Sun, born along a large river in the middle of a desert.   But all of them, while fighting each other for hegemony, are now facing a new threat, threatening to wipe them out of existence: the Abyss, a mysterious entity trying to conquer the world again.   In this frame, the mysterious Wayfarers of the Cosmos, long-lived individuals with vast powers, travel through different planes of existence entering and leaving Nys as they wish. They swore to protect the worlds from the Abyss but to do so they need power. Looking for it, they found that the greatest power of all is the Abyss.  

A very small guide

Hi, you stumbled into my world, Nys! This is a vast world you can set your own adventures in, or draw inspiration from, or just read for enjoyment. It is mostly a dark fantasy world with advanced technologies in some regions (we could say steampunk fantasy, maybe?).   As of now many areas are not even flashed out (like the elven forests). Some do not have a single article about them (like the wastelands). It is a bit work-in-progress, but I publish at least once a week, so most things will be filled up soon.   To enter Nys, if you want to jump right into the world, you can use the world codex or featured articles. Otherwise, I suggest you begin from the kanvæ article, to get an idea of the cosmos structure, and then go reading about the Arkadhian New Empire or the Cosmos Wayfarers.   If you want to keep in touch, you can join the new discord server at link!
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