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Arkadhian New Empire

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The Arkadhian New Empire, or Orkozar Edro Šizu, in their current language, is possibly the most powerful nation in the Nysian geopolitical landscape. They claim to descend from the worldwide hegemon Empire of the First Era, fell against the Abyssal hordes.   Their power comes mostly from the high magitechnological level of their army. Imperial researchers look for new ways of integrating magic with technology, to create mighty weapons capable of ensuring them hegemony and facing successfully the Abyss if need be.   They recently lost a war against the Cajenian League, having underestimated their fleet power, and are now eager for revenge.   Their worst enemies are, however, the Moon Church and the Cosmos Wayfarers.  


The Empire has a relatively simple and well-organised structure: its main parts are the imperial family, the imperial council and the Sutii Šifjo.   The Sutii Šifjo, or Shadow Court, have officially been the imperial secret services since 1585. It was born as a criminal organization, which acquired power over licit and illicit traffics and became what it is today through luck and cunning. It is not clear who is its leader, but its influence on the other two parts is undeniable.   The imperial council is an ensemble of counsellors helping the Emperor in managing the Empire. They have been through years army officials, brilliant researchers, family members and other trusted people. Their number varies, but must be comprised between twelve and twenty-four. Their leader is the Head of Government and is the closest collaborator of the Emperor at full time. At present time, Evina Sjetič, a researcher from the magitech department at Arkadhian Institute of Technology, covers this role.   The imperial family of the Olkavič descends directly from the emperors of the old first era empire, they say. There is no proof, actually, but nobody ever doubted it, not even the Wayfarers or the Moon Church. Emperors choose four family members of any age as heirs. On their death or abdication, the imperial council elects one of the candidates as the Edro Niši, Emperor of the New Empire. It is also possible to design as an heir a person not part of the imperial family. The council consider their accomplishments and decides whether they are worthy of becoming family members.  

Technological Level

The Empire is the most advanced country of Nys with regards to technology and magitechnology.   While developing purely mechanical contraptions, like guns and clocks, they threw magic in, discovering a whole new research field. They began experimenting, asking their mages to fill their machines with magical energy. It became immediately apparent this could not work long: living beings only have a much limited amount of magical energy available while rested and get tired quickly.   To solve this problem researchers began looking for circuitation of energy, a supposedly lost magitech from the old empire enabling automatisation of magitechnical contraptions.   Though an evasive goal from the very beginning, a recent project, the Tikhuphri project, seems to have performed successfull experiments.  

Foreign Relations

Relations with the Empire are always tense: everyone interfering with their plan of rebuilding the old empire glory are deemed enemies and promptly destroyed.   The imperial army was considered unstoppable since it crushed quickly every resistance in their part of the continent, but its expansion came to a halt only with the defeat of their fleet in Cajena a few years ago.   Citizens do not consider this defeat a significant obstacle, just a small inconvenience: the Empire never fought in the open sea and was not prepared. Everyone expects that the next war will end in victory, with or without energy circuitation.   Instead, they regard to the Moon Church and the Cosmos Wayfarers as the two major threats to imperial hegemony.   The former gained wide popular support, telling people how they are protected and loved by the goddess. Moreover, they know deeply the ways of magic and are developing a new type thereof. They rely on Doujatar Kingdom for military power. Luckily, they are all too focused on fighting the Undead and, more in general, the Abyss.   While the Empire does not like the Abyss when it interferes with its conquests, demons or other creature of abyssal origin showing interest in imperial matters are more accepted nowadays, mostly thanks to the relentless work of the Movement for Demons Rights Recognition. This inclusive movement brought the attention of the Church on the Empire, now looking at them not only as a military power but essentially as a demonic spawn.   The second enemy of the Empire is the Wayfarers. Their altercation began back in the nineteen century, after a major worldwide crisis. During that period abyssal creature spawned almost everywhere on Nys, wreaking havoc. Every country did its best to fight back, but many were not prepared. The Wayfarers made their first official appearance on the continent, massively helping everyone, except the Empire since the Shadow Court politely asked them to mind their own businesses. When everything ended they proposed the New World Treaty.   The Empire did not sign it. The terms were protections in exchange for surrendering any artefact found to them. The Empire could not stand losing valuable items to gain some protection it did not need. Many citizens found the following decision of outlawing wayfarers excessively rough, though, from the sound of it, the treaty was just a way to stole artefacts, and the wayfarers seemed already mighty enough without additional power.   Starting from that moment, Wayfarers do what they can to sabotage the Empire.  

Towards Renewed Glory

Founding Date
First Era
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Imperial Mark
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

Imperial Secret Services

Indirect Hostility

Tense Truce

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