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Movement for Demons Rights Recognition

Difference is Strength

The Pehegra po Zutuu Bigi Ebrogra is a movement found in the year 2086 present in the Empire and slowly influencing the Free Lands too. The general public opinion is that demons are dangerous, evil spawns of the Abyss, especially in Doujate and the Free Lands. However, in cities on the northern border, between the Empire and the Dark Four Lands, some demon village arose, living pacifically with the surrounding ones. The possibility of cooperating with such different beings brought many people to ask for the recognition of their civic rights.   The movement has recently started interesting also the Free Lands, where demons pacifically coexist with humanoid people in many neighbouring villages. The massive influence of the Moon Church in these lands makes the integration much more difficult than in the Empire.


Shared customary codes and values

All members of the movement think that demons are not intrinsically evil, as common sense suggests. They point out how many demons risked and still risk their lives to fight the Abyss and other evil creature, especially in the Dark Four Lands. Abyssal corruption is different from being a demon native to a dark region as the Four Lands.   Their intrinsic evilness is a myth caused by the blind persecution perpetrated by the Moon Church at their damage. Demons grew in time suspicious and hostile to other species, fearing unjustified slaughters until they just began defending themselves by attacking first.   But now the high level of civilization brought by the Empire allows the people to see the problem and try to solve it, they say, by encouraging pacific coexisting first in the minor cities on the borders, then in the core major imperial metropolis.

Major organizations

Though people do not know this, the movement originated in the Shadow Court: many of its agents are demons and other dark creatures native to the Four Lands disguised as common citizens. Their power and predisposition to magic are a significant advantage during missions.   The Court wants to allow demons in cities to publicly show that they are not a threat, with the ultimate goal of provoking a reaction by the Moon Church. If people in Doujate begin suspecting dark creature evilness is their fault, the next Moon Crusade will be a failure.
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