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Peace Meadow

Header Artist - Maroosya LK -   Warlord Milo took his people east, away from their ancient homelands of Skandia, looking for a place that they could settle and call their own.     When he landed, the lands were lush and green and full of forests.   He didn't think that this would be easy, but there was hope for his people and their future, but he didn't expect having to fight a war just to come ashore.   When the Valsgardi came ashore, the indigenous people of this land were proud and fierce.   They met the invaders head on, despite the physical differences.   The invaders were giants in the eyes of the Eldblud, the chief opposition to the invasion of Warlord Milo.    War waged for weeks, each side suffering losses, however the Eldblud suffered far more, and retreated into the forests.    The invaders tried to follow to finish the Eldblud off, but the powers of the forest met the Valsgardi invaders head on.    All the peoples and animals of the forests joined forces and overwhelmed the Valsgardi, pushing them back out into the shores and meadows.   Accepting the fact that neither side would win, only the Eldblud would venture out from the forests, and the Valsgardi would push them back.   One day an Eldblud child came forth from the forests with messages of peace, begging audience of the Valsgardi leadership, to meet with the Elders of the Forest peoples.   After long bloody weeks of fighting, a truce was formed.   The people of the forest would remain in the forests, and the Valsgardi would keep to the coasts, and lowlands.    Warlord Milo agreed to these terms, but he could not forgive the Eldblud for their vicious attacks on his people.    As part of the treaty, he demanded, that the Eldblud would send their children to live with the Valsgardi people, as a symbol of peace.   These children would be servants to the Valsgardi.     Begrudgingly, all agreed to terms, to the dissatisfaction of the Eldblud.    The Valsgardi never  forgave the Eldblud either, and the children were treated not as equals, but lesser peoples, only fit to serve.    Truce was shaky but endured.   In the place where the truce was forged, a meadow at the edge of the forest, a garden was created.   Boulders bore the markings and signatures of the elders of all tribes, for the world to see, designed to last the ages.    The Foukka  Elders called upon the magic of the spirit realm, and brought a Fae Ring of red mushrooms, sanctifying this location.
Treaty, Diplomatic

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3 Aug, 2020 12:55

I like that the treaty is formed of stones and mushrooms. Sounds beautiful.