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The Planet of Atiz is known by the Galactic Federation of Planets.   2000 years before the current timeline of Atiz, the planet had only 1 advanced civilization. This was the Kal people. They were desert dwellers, and the built massive underground cities where the entrances were in the canyons and caves of the world.   The galactic federation arrived on the planet and interacted with the Kal people. Their population was sponsored by the federation, and nearly all of their population was brought from the Planet to the Federation planet of Mixail, the center of the federation. It is here that the population is being educated and introduced into the federation way of life.   Eventually the Kal people will return to Atiz as ambassadors and rulers to bring the planet into the Federation completely. Until their return, the planet has been left to its own devices. The continents are populated, however their development is still in the late medieval phase. Trade and travel has begun, however it is not widespread. Only a small portion of the population are travelling to different places across the planet, the vast majority stick to their local areas, adventurous people travel the lengths of their continents.   The world I am building is the setting for my fiction writing universe.