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Concordance for Survival Treaty

The glue that holds our civilization together. I truly believe that our world would have fallen without the nations and mortal races deciding to stand together instead of continuing to fight amongst each other.
— Instructor of Recruits
Just a few generations ago, the orcs were considered monsters. Now we fight as one of the Concordant Powers!
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

The second Kirinal Catastrophe should have been the end of the world. An unending tide of extraplanar armies marching out of The Kirinal Pit should have overwhelmed the world's defenders.

The traditional mortal races of "Light" had been fighting a war of attrition, losing ground around the Pit for decades. In desperation, they called upon the "Dark" races for help. To their surprise, the orcs of Borthakar and the dark mages of Kiris came to their aid.

The combined "Concordant" alliance pushed the invaders back into the Pit and were able to hold them there. As the fighting ebbed the armies of the world paused and considered the fact that their traditional enemies were actually fighting alongside them. And they were winning.

Signing the Treaty

The allies functioned for a few months underneath an informal ceasefire, but small conflicts among the world's defenders threatened to reignite old wars. A disagreement over toilets between the orcs and Alian Tribesmen, the so-called Latrine Crusade, almost led to bloodshed among the allied forces.

The nations assembled at the Kirinal Pit came together to sign a treaty of mutual protection: the Concordance for Survival Treaty. That simple treaty defined the Kirinal Concordance Zone and formed the foundation of what would become the Concordance for Survival.

The Concordance for Survival Treaty

The Parties to this Treaty affirm their resolve to unite their efforts for the collective defense and for the preservation of the peace and security of the world. They, therefore, agree to this Concordance for Survival Treaty.

The Eight Cantons

The treaty demarcated the area around the Pit into eight cantons, administrative zones to be ruled as independent city states by the signatories of the treaty. The cantons themselves are inviolate, new signatories to the treaty must petition for membership to one of the eight ruling organizations. Once their petition is accepted, that member can only become a full member by a majority vote of the cantons.

The Council of Eight

The treaty also gives voting power to each of the cantons, collectively called the Council of Eight. The Eight administrate the Zone Authority and make overall decisions for the Zone as a whole.

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