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Ceasefire & Truce

When we have a common enemies, it is wise to put our differences aside.

Time to put down the weapon

  Age of Corruption is reaching its peak by shutting down and made everything inhabitable. In this very moment, all three races starts to hold a communal meetings. This particular meetings is to discuss their future. Even though from each and every party didn't agree to this at first   However, time is not going to wait for their voice. Each and every representative pointing out the obvious evidence of Earth starts to decaying. There's no more path to explore, no more time to run to another continent, and the only option left is to fly. Away from this Earth and away from home.   The crowds realize this as well but they turned their back and tries to ignore it instead. However, in the present moment. Everyone is faced with death or slim chance of hope to survive beyond the sky.   One by one, humans, awakened animals, and elementals starts to rise up and volunteer to help with this treaty. For once to put down their hostility and work together as one. One Purpose, to LIVE.   This treaty is immortalize with a parchment documents written by each representative from Human, Awakened Animal, and Elementals. Sealed with a GEAS code to bind their words.   Three of them contributes with the rules and regulations to ensure this treaty will be active for years to come.


  There will be no killing to your fellow brother and sister.


  Food and information will be shared equally from each representatives.


  Any concern nor questions regarding anything. The door to each and every rep will always be open.
Record, Historical

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