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Asayo-Djemndarra Accords

This ancient document is perhaps the most important agreement in the history of Thaiterra, cutting off a potential future of blood and chaos before it could properly begin, preserving two peoples, and providing the future common ground for alliance and even friendship.


The Accords were created to provide peace between the Garruw and the Weinadi. That while individual groups might still war and battle, even between the two species, that these would be singular, and not universal, and that they would coexist and not kill each other for the sake of death.

Historical Details


The Garruw used to eat the Weinadi, and even after they stopped doing that, they would hunt the Weinadi. This was a simple fact of life. It was uncomfortable, and ultimately really unnecessary. After the Weinadi began to move deeper and deeper into the chasms, their technology developed at a rapid pace, and with the obvious resentment toward their historical oppressors, it was only a matter of time before war broke out.   In a larger sense, they were already at war. The Weinadi would make every effort to kill whatever Garruw they might find, even children, and the Garruw would respond in kind. Even beyond the violence, the Garruw believed themselves superior and thus largely ignored the Weinadi, which included destroying things they needed to survive simply for ease of Garruw use. And the Weinadi hatred was boundless.   Things happened. People died. The globe was on the brink of a war that would have brought about the end of both races.


Into this moment stepped two visionaries. Flawed, imperfect, but Asayo of the Weinadi and Djemndarra Thyurnen of the Garruw had the singular gift of being able to look beyond themselves, beyond their own people, and see into the future. It probably helped that both had just lost their families, not to the opposite side, but to radicals of their own peoples.   To save arguing, it was actually put into the Accords that Asayo and Djemndarra made the decision to reach out to the opposite side at the same time, so that neither side could claim superiority in that matter. However it happened, they had the extraordinary chance of both going to the same place at the same time. (Perhaps not so extraordinary, considering it was the site of a great and terrible battle.)   They talked, united the forces of their own respective sides, and then turned around and marched on those leaders who would force them to continue the fighting. Under the threat of complete and total collapse of the governments that they knew, the Weinadi and Garruw of the region were forced to the table by their own citizens. An accord was reached after ten years of negotiations, by which these negotiations had expanded to include all of Thaiterra, marking it the first time that all the Weinadi tribes and clans and families were in any way unified.

Public Reaction

Officially, public reaction was wary. In reality, it was only the politicians who were angry at the turn of events. The majority of common citizens on both sides were incredibly relieved that they wouldn't have to live in constant fear of their lives, either by fire from above or a knife in the dark.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
-129 PC/AV


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