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Wulei Ranifa

Weinadi name for Agarruta Drei/Agaridian Plains. Roughly translates to "space storm-plain."


Agaridian Plains
Also known as Agarruta Drei (Garruw) and Wulei Ranifa (Wight).
The Weinadi live in the chasms and valleys of the plains, making their province beneath the surface of what can be seen. In modern days, there is little need for many of them to go above the surface, making use of the network of tunnels and caves that has been carved out over the centuries. Still, there are pockets of Dheizei who make a point of living on the surface as their ancestors did, moving from place to place and trailing at the edges of the storms.   They stay well away from the mountains, as the home of the Garruw, but until recent years haven't needed to be so cautious of the human domes. None of their larger settlements are near the lakes, due to problems with flooding, but there are rivers and oases that the Dheizei make use of.
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