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Bechura Waystation

Bechura is one of the best kept secrets of the Dheizei. Found almost in the middle of the Green Rock Plains, it is a concealed waystation for the Dheizei as they travel, used for trading and swapping tales and all kinds of things.   There is almost always at least one clan there, moving in and out with the seasons. Even during full storm season, the population remains transient. There are a few permanent residents found there, from a wide mix of clan of origin.   This is one of the few points of trade that exists exclusively for the Dheizei. Most of their other such places are usually found among the Basadu, in the outskirts of their settlements, to facilitate trade between them and their surface counterparts. There are also trading posts within reach of the Yagupa. But this one is exclusive. Mainly for the distance from populations of the other ethnicities, but also because the Dheizei go to great lengths to ensure that the waystation is kept secret.   They trade in foodstuff, herbal supplies, equipment for their long travels, all kinds of things. They will bring in goods gathered from the distant reaches of the world, just to this one point, to share with the other tribes. Those who might stumble in that are outsiders are promptly removed, if possible in a way that renders them unable to locate it again.   There is no set leader for this waystation. The seniormost clan leader of those present will generally take charge, or perhaps the eldest of the permanent residents if no one else. It is meant to be a gathering place for any and all of the Dheizei, not showing favoritism to one clan over another.
Outpost / Base


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