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Green Rock Plains

"Green as Stone."
— A common saying among the Dheizei, meaning steady and unchanging
    The Green Rock Plains are found south of the mountains, and are the broad expanse of land over the caverns where the Basadu dwell. They are not particularly fertile, outside of those few chasms and dips that might protect plant life from the violent storms that sweep across with unusual force due to the shaping of the land around it. Traditionally the areas on either side of the primary chasm are considered to fall under the same name.   The "green" comes from the qualities of the stone that covers most of the area, a mix of rock types that form a lovely gray green color. What dirt is packed enough to remain also takes a greenish tinge. This is typically considered to come from the high copper content of the area. What few plants are hardy enough to survive on the surface usually stand in contrast to the otherwise even coloring of the area.   The Dheizei can be found all over the plains, as they form the larger part of their traveling grounds. Historically, the plains were a place of great danger, where the Garruw were regularly found, but after the Asayo-Djemndarra Accords were signed, the primary danger comes from the force of the storms. There is a monument stone to the Accords found on the plains.   They are largely unmapped. The storms make sensor technology unreliable for the humans, and the Dheizei as primary inhabitants rely largely on memory and tradition rather than specific maps.
Alternative Name(s)
Green Storm Plain (translated, Garruw), Rifeiu Veirusaze (Green Rock Plain, Weinadi), Indlaoft Plains (Human, official name)
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