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The Dheìẓeì are a throwback to the tribal days of the Weinadi , and as such make an effort to hold to the oldest traditions of their society. Even as the rest of them settle into the chasms and discover new and better ways to make them stable and secure and safe while still holding to the natural beauty of those areas, the Dheizei see it as a solemn obligation not to lose the skills required to safely navigate the surface on foot.

Naming Traditions

Masculine names


Family names

They keep a single tribal name and use that association for everyone in the whole tribe. Family names are for those who don't need to depend on those around them to survive. The structure goes [first name] ele ("of the") [tribe name].   Due to their proximity to the Basadu, some of the Dheizei are given additional titles. Most of them don't bother to use these names outside of the chasms. In those cases, the title is added on to the end of the name: ele [title]   Some known tribe names include: Ouresh


Major language groups and dialects

They use Dheizeiian , which is close to the language of the Wights in the [Agarruta Drei equivalent area], but like how Spanish is like Portuguese. They're the same family of languages and could parse it out but it would be a lot of work.

Shared customary codes and values

They're all nomadic. There are a lot of family lines in this, but they have a practice of never turning away anyone who has the desire to traverse the surface.   Their code of hospitality is incredibly strict.

Average technological level

The same as the rest of the Wights, and they use the tech. It's just not specifically geared for life outside the chasms, so there's a lot of older tech mixed in. They're not technophobes by any means, and most of them fit right in when they're in the cities, but it's not always apparent when you see them outside.

Art & Architecture

Their tents are plain and functional, but the caverns in the mountains they use as traditional resting places on the trail are incredibly ornate. In some ways, they rival the Garruw when it comes to creating sculpture. Their tools and the things they carry with them are usually highly stylized and unique.
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