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Weinadi creation myth

There are more than a few variants of creation myths among the Weinadi, who greatly enjoy telling such tales. Here are some of the more popular ones.


Myth #1

  This one stems from the religion of the Low Gods. The story is that Dagaz and Orya had their triplet sons Puju, Atasaw, and Hatha. They saw that their sons desired solidity, a place to rest, and not wander the realm of the gods forever untethered. So Dagaz and Orya created Thaiterra for their boys to play on.   Eventually the three grew tired of the barren rock they lived on, and created the Weinadi so that they might have playmates. When their parents found out, they were dismayed. To create something so without limits was cruel to them, so they provided death. Dagaz created the Garruw, so that the Weinadi might not rise to the level of the gods, and Orya gave them diseases and numbered their days, so that they might not grow too numerous. To balance this, they summoned their friends and relatives to provide the Weinadi with good things, so that their days might still be filled with joy.   To punish the boys for having made something so thoughtlessly, they had each create a moon to live on, so that they might not interfere with the Weinadi anymore. Of course, the triplets escaped frequently, causing troubles and adventures in equal measure.  

Myth #2

  A singular god, Dhu, created Thaiterra and filled it with marvelous things. When all was ready, he fashioned the Weinadi from the stone of the ground, and the Garruw from the lightning in the air, and bid them to work side by side, to craft further marvels out of the things he provided them.   But they faltered. The Garruw became greedy for easy prey, and the Weinadi grew selfish of the resources they found in the ground. So to separate them, Dhu caused the storms that churned the sky and separated them.
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