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About 38% of the surface is water. Most of the land tends to look greenish from the rock that covers it. It's probably about 1.5x as big as Earth.   The native sapient species are the Garruw and the Weinadi .   The atmosphere has a higher carbon dioxide content, which means humans can survive about 15 minutes before they'll need a respirator and start to suffocate. This tends to collect in lower regions, which means that while the immediate surface of the planet is largely barren, there are a number of valleys and crevasses and caverns that host an incredible variety of plants, and the animals and insects to go with that. The oceans are also full of fish.   It is worth noting that the lowest regions are dangerous for the Weinadi who live closer than most others. While they usually breathe more carbon dioxide, it gets concentrated enough in the lowest regions (especially those areas without storms churning up the air) that it can be toxic even for them.   The main feature of this planet is the impressive electrical storms. It's rare for a region to go more than a few days without significant storm activity.   It has three moons. Two orbit at the same height and travel at the same rate, making one rotation of Thaiterra every 29 days. The third moon has a higher orbit and takes longer to go around the planet, 50 days.   The Garruw named the moons after gods from The Faith of the Star-Eyed : Tuanerth (larger of the lower two), Amdoerd (brighter of the lower two), and Glavaran (the high moon). The Weinadi named theirs Puju, Risaw, and Hatha (same order). Humans use a mix of these and call them Tuan, Zahra (for Zahra Roydark), and Hatharan.
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