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The Faith of the Star-Eyed

Also known as Dzelm Glavaran. This religion is from an older era of the Garruw, and has fallen out of favor as they gained a greater understanding of how the heavens actually work.   It's very strongly focused on the stars, with their deities based on astronomical features. It was believed that these gods and goddesses lived among the stars. Three of them descended to Thaiterra to create the Garruw and the other living creatures of the planet, and the rest are those who came and deigned to oversee various aspects of Garruw life that interested them.   Another reason the faith became defunct was the absolute disdain it held for any life outside of the Garruw. As the Weinadi were more and more accepted as people worthy of dignity and life, the more the teachings of Dzelm Glavaran were seen as outright wrong.  

The Lords and Ladies of the Stars

  The pantheon is built like this.   There are three represented by the moons of Thaiterra. These are the most important of the religion and adherents usually chose one of these to be their primary.
  • Tuanerth, Lady of the Underworld. Goddess of the dead, and of the chasms that lead below the surface. Sort of evil, but sometimes viewed more as the one who cares for the forgotten. Hers is the largest moon (the larger of the two in lower orbit), as she wants to be closest to her realm. She threatens to fall to the ground on occasion in mythology, and the other gods must hold her back.
  • Amdowerd, Lord of Storms. God of the storms, power, flight. Neutral. Considered to be the strongest, and the wildest. His is the smaller moon of the lower two, because it gleams the brightest. Generally considered to be in charge of the rest of them.
  • Glavaran, Lord of the Stars. God of the stars above, and master of the city of the gods. The "good" god, who wants the Garruw to raise up to the stars. The cycle of his moon is longer because he has to spend time with his wife, the Nebula goddess.
After these three are 7 more, for each of the planets (the strongest lights in the night sky). According to myth, they came later, to fill in the gaps in the chaos they saw that the other three caused because they couldn't do everything.
  • Amdzharra, Lady of the Mountains. Goddess of the stones, and particularly the Amdzha Crystal. Also marriage. Wife of Amdoerd.
  • Zoanz Gejihw, Lord of Animals. God of the Weinadi in particular, and the source of the name they use for the Weinadi (zoirn). Depending on the myth, he can be super racist, but he can also be very protective of the people who most Garruw saw then as food. Husband of Tuanerth.
  • Zhyerrnand, Lady of Water. Goddess of pretty much every kind of water you can think of, including water vapor. The daughter of Amdowerd and Amdzharra.
  • Ifyedzu, Lord of Plants. God of plants, and of machines. He is seen as immensely curious. Also kind of careless. Son of Tuanerth and Zoanz Gejihw.
  • Landzhifi, Lady of Wisdom. Twin goddess of philosophy and science. The more chaotic of the two. Daughter of Glavaran and (Garruw lady from myth)
  • Hundzherr, Lord of Knowledge. Twin god of philosophy and science. The more staid of the two. Son of Glavaran and (Garruw lady from myth).
  • Tvervi, Lady of Darkness. Goddess of mysteries and love. Daughter of Glavaran and Aozruleh.
Beyond the ten listed now, there are two more.
  • Aozruleh, Lady of the Beyond. Goddess of the nebula cloud, patience, and exploration. She has never been to Thaiterra, and instead is portrayed as waiting for the Garruw to come to her. Wife of Glavaran.
  • Dwazaed, Lord of War. God of the sun, and violence. Meant to be bringer of the end of days apocalypse. Also has never been to Thaiterra. He brings chaos, and the aim of the other gods is to help the Garruw escape the planet before he comes to destroy it.
  • And as a quick bonus, meteors are called Glafiri, servants of Dwazaed, and are thought to be him testing out ways to destroy the world.
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Dzelm Glavaran


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