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Biyazi and Landzhifi Seek the River

When they encountered the river, they were dumbstruck, because for all their knowledge, neither goddess had seen such a thing. Indeed, they both trembled, but neither would let the other see that she feared the thing before them.
— Taken from the classical Garruw variant
  This myth is quite unusual in that is found in both Garruw and Weinadi, and indeed features goddesses from both their pantheons. Not only that, but the two goddesses cooperate quite amicably before parting ways. Historians and theologians alike have no idea where this story might have come from, since it is very unlikely that it has any basis in an actual event.   Biyazi is one of the Low Gods, and is the goddess of wisdom. In part because of stories like these, she is rather known for being unwise and being forced to seek wisdom.   Landzhifi comes from The Faith of the Star-Eyed, and is one of the twin deities of philosophy and wisdom. She is considered more chaotic than her brother Hundzherr.


Some time after her traditional quest to regain her wisdom, the Weinadi goddess Biyazi began to wander the planet, seeking ways to gain even more wisdom and secure her own wisdom more carefully, that she might not lose it again. Along the way, she heard a story of a river that was not a river. Thinking this was some mischief of Yahule, she decided to seek it out and perhaps dissuade her fellow deity from creating too much trouble.   When she arrived, she encountered Landzhifi. They nearly came to blows, but quickly realized that neither one was responsible for the state of the river, which had vanished entirely. Both being curious individuals, they agreed to work together to solve this mystery.   They underwent a quest, with a series of clues that vary from myth to myth. It usually depends on which species is telling the story as to which one of the goddesses does most of the puzzle solving. In any case, eventually they find the river.   The myth is unclear as to what exactly is meant by "a river which is not a river." It could be water, but behaving strangely due to storm patterns. It could be algae in the water tinting it an unusual shade and rendering it toxic to drink. It is also entirely possible that there was no water at all and that the river consisted of something else.   In any case, the two goddesses quickly realized that this was no ordinary river, and whatever chaos was in motion did not come from any mischief they knew. To Landzhifi's consternation, this wasn't even the doing of Dwazaed. She had no idea how to face this foe.   But they work together, and they defeat the river and drive it back to its proper place and state. And then they separate, swearing never to speak of this again. But the river itself spoke of their triumph over it, and soon the whole world knew of how the two goddesses had worked together.

Historical Basis

It is theorized by some people that this myth was based on an actual Garruw and a Weinadi interacting, but fictionalized to fit with the pantheons of the day. Most theories also contend that the river in the story is the Shuwo Rizhbiya River.
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