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Shuwo Rizhbiya River

Quote from landzhifi and biyazi
  No one knows exactly which is the river from the legend, but this particular river is the one most commonly believed to be the one in the story, for several matching descriptors in the common versions of the story, making it the Rizhbiya River. However, since no one is entirely sure, they add "shuwo" because they're all assuming and it's a good reminder that they're all somewhat dubious that this story ever even occurred, even among the most devout.


The river can be found flowing from the northern lake past Tholaren Dome, stretching past in the north of that landmark, and then down to Jomedure Tolu, from which it meanders onward.

Localized Phenomena

For the most part, the river is an ordinary river, made of water, and featuring the normal displays of aquatic animals, plants, and other things. However, there is a stretch of the river near the lake where it ceases to behave like it should.   The water will rise up in the air, unbidden, only to loop back down, as if some unseen sluice carries it. The patterns of this loop will change.   Some people claim to have seen visions of the past or future in the water. At the very least, there are some unusual visual phenomena in the water. While visions are suspect, the reflections seen in this water are not usually the person looking down. Some people have even seen a kind of writing.


In the past, the river was used as a way to travel from the lake to the beginning of the valleys and chasms. As the Weinadi moved more and more underground, this became less useful, and now it is mainly left alone.   There is some conjecture that, due to the unusual nature of the water, this is the river mentioned in the myth Biyazi and Landzhifi Seek the River.
Alternative Name(s)
Rahi Shuwo Rizhbiya
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