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Sheizhadai HQ

(It's just Sheizhadai, the HQ is for author.)   The Sheizhadai can be found in the lowest levels of Lijha Haora, an unusual place to find such an important building, but it makes sense when you consider how interconnected the station has to be to the canal system. It's used by hundreds of Weinadi in a day, in and out, reporting on the state of the canal, dealing with mishaps, and also handling those criminals who attempt to use the canal system.


It's unusual in that it is a free-standing building, and not integrated into the canyon walls, or part of a hollowed out cave. What also makes it unique is the fact that it is primarily wooden in construction. Part of this likely comes from the fact that when the building was being constructed, a lot of stone and concrete was going to the canal system and its construction.   The wood is waterproofed and regularly painted and otherwise treated to avoid wood rot in the damp environment. The colors used are usually a bright green color, and white.


This building was built on the foundations of what used to be a massive warehouse. The warehouse was well built, but in the end it fell to the flood that hit Riya Haora the same as the rest of the lower buildings.   When the city was rebuilt into Lijha Haora , the building was left abandoned for a time, as it was so far down, still in the flood zone. When the canals and aqueducts were built, the [Sheiju Puzizha used the site as their headquarters because of its proximity to the
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