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The hereditary ruler/king/queen of Lijha Haora.


The title doesn't pass directly to the eldest living descendant of the last Yasawa. The heir is chosen by the current Yasawa, and then approved by the city council. As such, the qualifications vary, depending on what kind of leader the last Yasawa was, what kind of people are on the council, and the status of the city.


Must be a direct descendant of the first Haora, and unless it's a disaster scenario where whole generations of the family were wiped out, must be related within three degrees to one or more of the previous three Yasawas.


When the Weinadi first began to head into the valleys, Haora of the Quick was a trailblazer, who forged ahead of the rest with resolve and fortitude (and probably more than a little bullying and possibly the deaths of some people, but what is a historical figure without a little removal of the ugly bits). She founded a town she called Riya Haora, and she protected her people from the Garruw so successfully that they granted her a great deal of power, and a title that was unique to their town.   It didn't gain a lot of significance until after the destruction of Riya Haora, and its transformation into Lijha Haora. After that, the little town became a major cultural hub and the start of what became the primary way that Weinadi will travel: canals. The authority and influence of the Yasawa grew accordingly.

Cultural Significance

The Yasawa is unusually powerful when it comes to the leaders of the various Weinadi city states. Most of them very specifically share power with a ruling council of some kind, or are even subordinate to some kind of parliament, but the Yasawa carries the majority vote in this case.
Nobility, Hereditary
Source of Authority
A document from the founding of the city, establishing Haora and her descendants as the leaders of the city in perpetuity
First Holder
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